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Sunday, April 10, 2005

yehey! new layout! Gaaaah, mukhang after one year kopa toh papalitan. gaaah! JAMES JAMES JAMES! I'm beginning to pol in <3 with you! Pusa, wait fer me, I'll be 17 in 5 months! ROFL!

Anyway, getting serious, alam ko sinabi ko keh orange na JOKE LANG TOH kasi ayaw ko siyang mag-alala nanaman [parati ko kasi siyang inaabala and all that], pero it is true...

...yung stat ko sa YM na pinalitan ko after magonline ng mga tao: "I'm happy to be alone, it's okay but that was yesterday and now I'm....feeling down."

OO...totoo yan. Talaga, I feel my friends SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS. Sobrang nahihirapan akong mag-isip ng sasabihin sa conversation kasi iba na ang gusto nila. Natatakot kasi ako na pag sinabi ko yung gusto kong sabihin, hindi nila papansinin yun or irerelate nila sa mga 'boylets' nila [hindi naman ako tutol dun pero ayaw ko namang yun lang ang pagusapan namin]. Hay. Maybe because I'm just so SUCKED into Formula one or Busted or Fightstar right now. Hindi ko nga alam kung late bloomer ako o sila yung early bloomer. Wala pa talaga kasi akong interest sa mga 'boylets'...sobrang WALA. hahaha ang pinakaboylet ko na eh si James or si Charlie or si Kimi or si Jenson eh sila yung boylets nila sobrang within their reaches na eh.

Tapos kagabi pa! Tumawag sakin si Kycks. Eh kasi last na kita namin eh nung graduation so tinawagan nia ako. As in wala pa kaming 30mins eh meh nagko-call wait na sa linya nia at si lily yun. Sabi nia kakausapin nia si Lily muna kasi about daw yun sa college na papasukan ni Lily. After ko ibaba yung telepono, doon ko naramdaman na OUT OF PLACE NA TALAGA AKO SA BARKADA. I mean, akala ko kasi kakausapin ako ni kycks ng mahaba-haba pero hindi eh. I bet pag-uusapan nanaman nila yung nangyari sa ball at yung date ni lily. I was expecting Lily to call me too about her decision pero wala.

Naalala ko tuwing sinasabi ko i feel LEFT OUT sa barkada, they too would answer back na they feel left out din. Pero tuwing magkakasama na kami parang sila dun meh mundo ng mga 'boylets' at ako, I'll look at the other side and start thinking of Kimi or Jenson [or more recently, James or Charlie]. Hindi ko naman mashare nga sakanila kasi ANO BANG PAKIALAM NILA DUN?! Parang meh malaking signboard sa noo nila na: "FUCK OFF, Carmi...I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR GUYS!" Meron ngang time na gusto ko nang umiyak dahil wala nga talaga akong makausap eh. Kahit kinakausap nila ako puro 'boylets' naman ang topic namin.

Nalulungkot na talaga ako. Ang bilis magbago ng mga tao. *sigh* how would I fix this crap? Kelangan ko ba talagang maghanap ng 'boylet' na rin para makareach-out ako sa friends ko or...what?

Jamming to: Broken Sonnet ng Hale...kasi naka repeat sa WMP eh.
Today's mood: random as always. poreber naman eh!

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Dare to dream

+graduate High School
+survive college
+to be in the Dean's List
+to be in the First Honor's Dean's List on my last term @ Lasalle - di natupad :( boo
+to graduate with Honors- di rin natupad boo!
+be a graduate of BS-ICTM
+graduate at DLSU on time
+be active in orgs- di parin to natupad boo
+land a decent-paying job in the Philippines and be happy with it
+find a high-paying job in Singapore [or anywhere outside the country] and be happy with it
+a nice laptop with wireless connection
+Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
+Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson- book5 and 6 also included
+The Roald Dahl Collection
+The Arcade Version of Dance Dance Revolution [the metal one! yeah that!]
+The Arcade Version of Dance Maniax
+Asian/Euro Cruise
+Meet Kimi and Jenson
+Learn how to Tap Dance
+money money money
+Singapore trip (again)
+Beach time with le bushy girls
+Beach time with le college friends
+Original James Bond DVD collection
+The Rasmus CD
+New ipod (iPod Touch please ktnx)
+An F1 ticket [weekend]
aaand my list goes ooooon...

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Sixteenth Version. I found this cute picture of the 3 evils and decided to make it like..a deck of cards...ish. Well I don't know if THAT is seen but that's my concept anyway.

I have no idea where I got that rainbow, i was just doing some half-circle around the card and then the next thing I knew..THERE IT IS! I guess it somehow made it colorful. HAHAHA IDK IDK. What do you think? I kinda like it :)

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