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Sunday, February 13, 2005

2 days have past...what have I been doin' for the past 2 days?

Lemme recall...


+Student's Takeover. Rawr. Wasn't a friggin student teacher but what the heck...I should've talked to Ms. Cabotage so that I could've taught the gradeschoolers...:p

+We had 4 quizzes during CL...0_o

+Filipino was fun. Daniella and Bernice rock!

+Economics was SOOOOO MUCH FUN. Everybody <3s Gretchen! She was cool and we didn't want the subject to end! *hugs Gretchen* WE LAB YOU!

+COmputer was all right too! After Diem taught the lesson, we had free internet time! Orange borrowed Diem's laptop so that we can watch the Busted Videos I've burned for her....ahhhhh... Busted is <3!

+Physics was great! Got a perfect quiz! Yehesssss! Nakabawi from the last quiz! 15 lang ako out of 30...oh well, ALL MY FAULT!

+Math was FREE TIME! Orange talked about Busted again...ahahahah

+English rocked! Cho's the best! She rooooooooooooooooooox!

+After school, I dl-ed the 6 episodes of AorB! Heehee, After dl-ing, I didn't watch the videos cause I waited for Orange to come here at the house so that we can watch it!

+Orange, Patti and Cho came here at 8pm. Cho uploaded her personal site for Computer and Orange and Patti looked for Busted/Mcfly pics. Never knew that Patti was soooooo obsessed with "Doh-geeh" [Dougie...hawhaw]

+Slept at 11pm...


+Woke up at 6am cause we HAD Saturday classes. rawr. That was our ONLY Saturday class we HAD to attend so I came to school.

+We had first two periods but the student teachers give their periods as FREE TIME. Orange and I talked about the AorB episode wherein Charlie was imitating the look of some girl at the playboy mansion who was checking him out. WE LAB THAT LOOK ON CHARLIE'S FACE!!!!*rotfl*

+Educator's Day presentation was...*giggles* was frickin boring man

+Came home and took a nap! AHAHAHAHAH I HAD LUNCH AT 3PM!!![awww shucks, not 3am? *LOL*] After eating, I watched AorB again...this time I really SAW EVERYTHING...no interruptions whatsoever!

+After watching, I bummed around the house...'twas fun bumming

+Waited for my cousin and got dressed for her Soph's night!

+I was glad my cousin nikki enjoyed her Soph's night. She thanked me that I was the one who came and not some guy whom she can't talk with! *hugs nikki* You're welcome man!

+Came home at 10:30pm and me and my mom talked about 'stuffs'. It was not about me but it's something about my sister...poor sis

So now....I'm beginning to adopt the British accent prolly because of watching the AorB episodes.

And I want to say to Kara that you are the most selfish bitchy human being in the planet! *lion's growl* I HATE YOU!!!!! James <3ed you OH-so much and you're like:"Oh come on James, you think you can just ring me up and ask me if I could come to New York?? You gotta work on your people skills..." what the heck? He just missed you lassie and HE wants you WITH HIM...Rawr is that FRIGGIN hard to understand??? Poor Jaaaaaaaaaaaames! *hugs JB...well, James Bourne that is*

*woooo-paaah! Take a break once in a while...
Quote of the day:"AHAHAHAHA...kala ko AJ CHOW! [supposedly Trauth]
Food of the day: Gonuts Donuts
Color of the day: RED! Valetines raw kasi....
Expression of the day:"OMG!" [british accent]
Happiness Rate [1-10] today: 9
Listening to: Amethyst by Fightstar

Kimi scribbled down her thoughts @ 4:25 PM

Something's Fishy

+Inevitable Ecstasy- it's like wiping your ass with silk.
+Admit it, at one point we WILL reach that ecstasy.

+I'm your winged fishbone, constantly swimming under the seas to enjoy the wonders given to us and hopefully, to seek the truth.

+Public Blog. Don't flood my tagboard.

+Enjoy and feel free to leave if you're offended in any way.

We will definitely see each other again but for now, WE MISS YOU!!!



Dare to dream

+graduate High School
+survive college
+to be in the Dean's List
+to be in the First Honor's Dean's List on my last term @ Lasalle - di natupad :( boo
+to graduate with Honors- di rin natupad boo!
+be a graduate of BS-ICTM
+graduate at DLSU on time
+be active in orgs- di parin to natupad boo
+land a decent-paying job in the Philippines and be happy with it
+find a high-paying job in Singapore [or anywhere outside the country] and be happy with it
+a nice laptop with wireless connection
+Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
+Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson- book5 and 6 also included
+The Roald Dahl Collection
+The Arcade Version of Dance Dance Revolution [the metal one! yeah that!]
+The Arcade Version of Dance Maniax
+Asian/Euro Cruise
+Meet Kimi and Jenson
+Learn how to Tap Dance
+money money money
+Singapore trip (again)
+Beach time with le bushy girls
+Beach time with le college friends
+Original James Bond DVD collection
+The Rasmus CD
+New ipod (iPod Touch please ktnx)
+An F1 ticket [weekend]
aaand my list goes ooooon...

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Sixteenth Version. I found this cute picture of the 3 evils and decided to make it like..a deck of cards...ish. Well I don't know if THAT is seen but that's my concept anyway.

I have no idea where I got that rainbow, i was just doing some half-circle around the card and then the next thing I knew..THERE IT IS! I guess it somehow made it colorful. HAHAHA IDK IDK. What do you think? I kinda like it :)

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