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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Its a sleepy saturday... want to know why?

Last Night we had our promenade. Yup... everybody [hmm... ALMOST everybody] was talking about it since monday, january 12... They were excited [hmm... well, i was not excited..] because of their gowns, their dates and... their dates. Everywhere you go, you'll here a third year student talking about her date. I find it irritating. Those names... boy names keep ringing in my head like my mother screaming at me because I did something wrong [hey, im not a boy hater but it's kind of irritating hearing the same 'ol stories about their dates]! One thing's for sure, I like listening to the people who talks about their wonderful gowns. So for one whole WEEK.. PROM GALORE! heehee... Well I liked it because if there are ANY announcements regarding the prom, they take a subject just to tell us the announcements...

Anyways, Thursday night...no biggie... but i stayed late at night just to watch some stupid tv show, thus I became sleepy around 2 pm, Friday afternoon. When Friday night came, HAH! People are "matured" as we speak [probably because of the gowns]. But for me, my stomach ached because I drank coke around 3:30 that day. hehehehe, my burping was uncontrollable... I hated it, man!

My mom was even more excited than I am... especially when me and my date were posing for a picture. For a second there, I guess my mom feels tingly inside.... but that's just a hunch...

When we arrived there, it was cold and then it became hot! Gosh, are the aircons on?! hehehehe... my date, namely mike, was a weird BUT funny guy...? yeah I guess so. Dancing king would be the appropriate title for this guy. so he's a weird/ funny/dancing king guy. hehehehe... bah, just ask my friends or even better, just ask her sister of what kind of guy he is... [hahahahah as if you know them...]

FOOD WAS AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL! I only liked the noodles under the pork roulade. everything else, they are AWFUL! Blegh! RAGAHHHHHH!!! What kind of food do they serve in those hotels??!?!?!?!

It was a short night.. the dance time... it was short, there was only one slow dance [KATHLYN!!! SORRY!! d ka nakaslow dance ni mike! SOrry SOrry!] and then the awarding was kind of loooooong, it took 30 mins to announce the winners. By 11:30, IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY!! SLEEPY SLEEPY SLEEPY SLEEPY SLEEPY SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Gosh, I think my pictures are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ugly! DARN YOU, PHOTOGRAPHER GUY! YOU ARE THE MOST IRRITATING PERSON I HAVE EVER SEEN, its a LOOOOOOOOONG story! [good thing he doesn't know me because I don't know him either!]I really don't like to look at my pictures... please burn them! Kidding... HAHAHAHA

Prom was okei, well... slightly okei. DANCING TIME WAS LIKE 2 FRIGGIN HOURS! [or less...] hehehehehe the giveaways were cute and nicely done. Manila Hotel's FOod sucks and I went home 2:30 in the morning because there was only ONE PHOTOGRAPHER and Liza had their barkada pic and they were the last in line, thus a sleepy saturday...

......TAKE A NAP, JUNIORS OF SHSQC! hehehe:]

*woooo-paaah! Take a break once in a while...
Quote of the day: there are a lot...heheheh...
Food of the day: French FRIES!
Color of the day: Lavander
Expression of the day: RAGAAAAAAAAAAhHH
Happiness Rate [1-10] today: 9.....

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Dare to dream

+graduate High School
+survive college
+to be in the Dean's List
+to be in the First Honor's Dean's List on my last term @ Lasalle - di natupad :( boo
+to graduate with Honors- di rin natupad boo!
+be a graduate of BS-ICTM
+graduate at DLSU on time
+be active in orgs- di parin to natupad boo
+land a decent-paying job in the Philippines and be happy with it
+find a high-paying job in Singapore [or anywhere outside the country] and be happy with it
+a nice laptop with wireless connection
+Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
+Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson- book5 and 6 also included
+The Roald Dahl Collection
+The Arcade Version of Dance Dance Revolution [the metal one! yeah that!]
+The Arcade Version of Dance Maniax
+Asian/Euro Cruise
+Meet Kimi and Jenson
+Learn how to Tap Dance
+money money money
+Singapore trip (again)
+Beach time with le bushy girls
+Beach time with le college friends
+Original James Bond DVD collection
+The Rasmus CD
+New ipod (iPod Touch please ktnx)
+An F1 ticket [weekend]
aaand my list goes ooooon...

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Sixteenth Version. I found this cute picture of the 3 evils and decided to make it like..a deck of cards...ish. Well I don't know if THAT is seen but that's my concept anyway.

I have no idea where I got that rainbow, i was just doing some half-circle around the card and then the next thing I knew..THERE IT IS! I guess it somehow made it colorful. HAHAHA IDK IDK. What do you think? I kinda like it :)

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