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Saturday, August 02, 2003

*I won't be broken again,I've got to breath, I can't keep going under*

Harhar... wala lang.. dpat lang... totoo naman yan db? anyways.... super LAKI ng problema ko regarding my grade... sa Filipino... ewan ko ba... Pilipino naman ako tas nababgsak ko! heheheh aminin ko na nakakhiya... heheheeeee eh kasi naman, ang rami raming ginawa ni Rizal sa Pilipinas, hnde ko ma-store sa utak ko.... kung ma-store man, hinde ko marevive yung data! haaaay ayoko na, para na akong nasisiraan ng bait sa Filipino. Yun lang ata yung subj na kinakatakutan k kasi baka magka- line of 7 ako sa card--- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Masisira ang aking report card... hrm... PT na lang ang pag-asa kooooooooo!!! Sana magbgay si Miss ng konsiderasyon... hnde ko na to kayaaaaa.... haaay, magdadasal na lang akooooo! Nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa... Ipatutupad ko yannnnnn!!!!! Ang sama talaga ngayong 1st quarter.... Pucca shells naman oo! Maawa ka na Rizal, bgyan mo ko ng kaalaman!!!! este... bgyan mo kami ng kaalaman upang hinde kami bumagsak sa Filipino! WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! pAANO b ItO?!?!? hhhaaaaaay.... Gagalingan ko na... Anyways, maiba naman tayo....

THE LXG---> ang ganda ng movieeeeee!!!!! Grabeh.... kaso nabitin kami sa huli kasi nasira yung dvd na feyk na bnili ni daddy so we figured out na manonood kami sa movie house... nakakasar. tipong 1 min na lang matatapos na yon, nasira pa yung CD! tama b namn yun?! I give this movie a grade of A.... heheheheh

BAD BOYS--> Hinde II, I ito.... maganda except hinde pwede sa mga bata... as in BATA! kasi puro mura lang ang maririnig mo... na hnde ko masabisabi... heheh kung masabi ko man yun, pinagsisisihan ko... heheheh in fairness maganda sha.... I give this movie a grade of A- kasi nga sa language... hehehehe

BULLETPROOF MONK--> At first pinagtawanan ko pa yung title... akala ko jologs pero nung nkita ko yung trailer... maganda naman pala.. At maganda naman yung movie itself! Great fighting moves courtesy of Chow Yun Fat, Seann William Scott and Jamie King. Cool ni Seann William Scott... hehehehe. Nice Action Storyline. Associated sa buddhist religion kaya ang raming sayings courtesy of Chow Yun Fat. The grade that I can give to this movie is A.

FORMULA ONE RACING-- they had the qualifying 2 hours ago. Kimi is in 4th place thanks to Montoya here... at least he's ahead of the Leader [of the moment] of the Driver's Championship, M. Schumacher. hehehehehehe Oh well, we'll just see tomorrow who will win. But I bet Kimi will never get the first place tomorrow... Oh well, We can never tell what will happen, eh?

Yun palang ang napapanood kong movies kasi malapit na magexams... so this coming week [bukas siguro], hinde muna ako magb-blog... aral muna ako.. heehee... titignan ko pa hehehe. So sa babasa nito... please pray for me and my classmates na pumasa sa Filipino. I tell you, with our Filipino teacher, you'll fail in ALL of her quizzes, that's for shure... hmmm.. probably! well anyways.... just.... just..... take a break peeps!

Quote of the day: "We'll never know what will happen"
Color of the day: blue
Expression of the day: "ARAY, ang sakit!"
Food of the day: peanuts
Annoying sibling of the day: NO other than my big bro, Caleb! [hehehe]

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+Inevitable Ecstasy- it's like wiping your ass with silk.
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+I'm your winged fishbone, constantly swimming under the seas to enjoy the wonders given to us and hopefully, to seek the truth.

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Dare to dream

+graduate High School
+survive college
+to be in the Dean's List
+to be in the First Honor's Dean's List on my last term @ Lasalle - di natupad :( boo
+to graduate with Honors- di rin natupad boo!
+be a graduate of BS-ICTM
+graduate at DLSU on time
+be active in orgs- di parin to natupad boo
+land a decent-paying job in the Philippines and be happy with it
+find a high-paying job in Singapore [or anywhere outside the country] and be happy with it
+a nice laptop with wireless connection
+Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
+Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson- book5 and 6 also included
+The Roald Dahl Collection
+The Arcade Version of Dance Dance Revolution [the metal one! yeah that!]
+The Arcade Version of Dance Maniax
+Asian/Euro Cruise
+Meet Kimi and Jenson
+Learn how to Tap Dance
+money money money
+Singapore trip (again)
+Beach time with le bushy girls
+Beach time with le college friends
+Original James Bond DVD collection
+The Rasmus CD
+New ipod (iPod Touch please ktnx)
+An F1 ticket [weekend]
aaand my list goes ooooon...

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Sixteenth Version. I found this cute picture of the 3 evils and decided to make it like..a deck of cards...ish. Well I don't know if THAT is seen but that's my concept anyway.

I have no idea where I got that rainbow, i was just doing some half-circle around the card and then the next thing I knew..THERE IT IS! I guess it somehow made it colorful. HAHAHA IDK IDK. What do you think? I kinda like it :)

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