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Friday, July 25, 2003

ay sos maryanogarapon............. Napakamalas ngayong linggo na ito!!! [parati nman dba?] haaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh! nakakaasar!!! We're facing a REALLY REALLY BIG PROBLEM!!!! D ko alam kung pumyag si Ms. Pacle na tignan yung aming stupidong video from the video cam. Whatthe heck... bahala na ngaaaaaa.... Sana nga pumayag siya.. Im really keeping a postive thought about this... Nakakabaliw!! Tas nung wednesday.. After nung bagyong harurot... NAGSWIMMING KAMI SA LAMIG!!!!!!!!!!! PUSANG HILAWWWWW tama ba naman yun?! Tas binigyan kami ng titser ng endurance test.... paramihan ng laps na magagawa... Pucca shells, 10 lang nagawa ko.... Pusa ang lamig ng tbig ano!!!! namanhid nga yung mga binti ko no... Sos maryano... dapat makakarami pa ako but nooo... ANG LAMIG TALAGA NG TUBIG!!! hrmph.. baka d ako pumasa ng varsity.. pero oks lang... kasi kung pumasa ako, langya... practice everyday... so okei na ren... kaya after kong magswimming.. sumakit ang lalamunan ko at sinipon ako. eh pag ako sinipon tuloy2 ang tulo nito... yak... tas susundan ng ubo... kaya ito... hnde ako nakapasok ngyon... SAMA NG PAKIRAMDAM KO... GRABE PARANG NASUSUNOG NA LALAMUNAN KO.... gusto ko na ipatanggal para hnde na sumakit... harhar... well anyways... Dasal pa ren ako about our entrep... DOON NAKASALALAY ANG AMING GRADE... Shux talga.... hehehehe..

Terminator III Rise of the Machines: ONE COOL MOVIE: grabe gwapo nung bida... si john connor... maganda talaga ang mga Terminator movies... very exciting!! Sa III, raming fight scenes nung babae (Kristanna Loken: ganda grabeeeeh) at ni Arnold Schwartzenegger. (hahaha mali ata spelling ko...) I HIGHLY recommend to watch this movie... You're probably wondering how I've watched it... My dad buys Fake DVDs somewhere near his clinic... hehehehe I love you daddy! hahaha

Lizzie Mcguire movie: I never liked it... kind of corny kasi it turns out na yung lalaki (paolo) is a bad guy. Well, I never liked him anyways...I like adam lamberg more... hahaha and Hilary Duff... talgang maarte... ganun talaga sha umarte.. forever!! hahahaha

CSI: season finale next week... heheheheh cooL talga nun... I reccomend you to watch it except na lang kung ayaw mo sa mga patay... hehehehehe

PoorPrince: hehehehehehe no comment.. d na ako nakakapanood eh..

F1 racing: NANALO SI KIMI RAIKKONEN [3rd place nga lang]! Kahet pa pang 2nd sha sa Driver's Championship... grabe ang ganda nung Silverstone Grand Prix... este... British grand prix... sabi nga nung commentators: "There's a lot of DRAMA going on!" hahaha like this crzy person running on the race track... FREAK!!! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT kahet pa crush ko si kimi... harhar!!! at dikit dikit yung mga kotse grabe... first place si Baricchelo... tas si Montoya.. 3rd si kimi... 4th si Micheal S!! harhar...

okei hanggang dun lang... sana manuod kami ng Tomb Raider 2... Maganda yung 1 so siguro maganda ren yung 2... hehehehehehe Sana magsabado na... Pra mapanuod ko yunf daa3! har har... sana makapunta pa yung mga classmeyts ko for our computer project.... okei hanggng dito na lang.. skit talaga ng lalamunan ko.. pucca shells naman oo!!! heehee... *HARK...UBO UBO... SINGHOT...DURA* Ughhhhhhhhhhh its really awful...
Xp @_@

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Dare to dream

+graduate High School
+survive college
+to be in the Dean's List
+to be in the First Honor's Dean's List on my last term @ Lasalle - di natupad :( boo
+to graduate with Honors- di rin natupad boo!
+be a graduate of BS-ICTM
+graduate at DLSU on time
+be active in orgs- di parin to natupad boo
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+a nice laptop with wireless connection
+Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
+Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson- book5 and 6 also included
+The Roald Dahl Collection
+The Arcade Version of Dance Dance Revolution [the metal one! yeah that!]
+The Arcade Version of Dance Maniax
+Asian/Euro Cruise
+Meet Kimi and Jenson
+Learn how to Tap Dance
+money money money
+Singapore trip (again)
+Beach time with le bushy girls
+Beach time with le college friends
+Original James Bond DVD collection
+The Rasmus CD
+New ipod (iPod Touch please ktnx)
+An F1 ticket [weekend]
aaand my list goes ooooon...

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Sixteenth Version. I found this cute picture of the 3 evils and decided to make it like..a deck of cards...ish. Well I don't know if THAT is seen but that's my concept anyway.

I have no idea where I got that rainbow, i was just doing some half-circle around the card and then the next thing I knew..THERE IT IS! I guess it somehow made it colorful. HAHAHA IDK IDK. What do you think? I kinda like it :)

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